National Monument Framework Plan

Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, Maine

Katahdin Woods and Waters is an 87,500-acre National Monument on the east side of Baxter State Park in northern Maine.  The National Monument Management Framework plan provides a vision and guiding direction for the management of the Monument, drawing from the purpose and mandates established in the Presidential Proclamation signed by President Obama.  The Management Framework plan is a first step in organizing activities and facilities within the Monument to meet the National Park Service management policies.

The work is grounded in an interactive public engagement effort that took place through a series of public meetings across the state of Maine. The plan provides a framework for park managers to use when making decisions about how to best protect park resources; how to provide quality visitor uses and experiences; how to manage visitor use; and what kinds of facilities, if any, to develop in or near the Monument.

Collaborators: The Musson Group, Northstar Planning, Gwen Hilton Community Planner, Nancy Montgomery Design, and Sewall.

Management Areas

The plan identifies Management Areas, based largely upon natural resource and environmental considerations, visitor expectations, and existing use patterns.  The plan identifies how different areas in the monument should be managed in the future to achieve desired objectives for resource protection and visitor experience.

Additional Work