Offshore Wind Energy

The offshore wind industry is in the midst of establishing itself in the waters off the coasts of the United States.  The introduction of offshore wind turbines will introduce a unique visual change along our coast lines that we have not experienced before.  Our role is to help wind developers, communities, and regulatory agencies understand the visual effect this new infrastructure will have to our coastlines and seascapes.

VIEWSHED manages all visual and written material for Seascape, Landscape, and Visual Impact Assessments (SLVIA), submitted to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) part of the Construction and Operations Manual (COP) for various offshore wind development projects.  In addition to SLVIA development, our team uses the latest research and visual tools to develop offshore turbine size and color analysis, cumulative visual impact assessments, and other specific visual assessment needs for the offshore wind industry.

Our leaders in offshore wind visual assessment presented Offshore Wind: LANDscape Architecture Takes to the Seas in partnership with BOEM at the 2022 ASLA Conference in San Francisco.

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